Events and hackathons are the two cornerstones that make CodeChef-VIT one of the campus' most deemed and reputed chapters. Our teamwork, dedication and determination is what propels and inspires our events to take greater strides and achieve greater heights.



The official website for DEVSOC 2021 by CodeChef-VIT.

HactoberFest 2021

An Opensource Workshop conducted to spread the knowledge about HacktoberFest and how to make your first pull request.

Animation in Flutter

A Webinar Taken by Mr.Hasnen Tai talking and enlightening the students about the principle of animation in Flutter.

Code Invicta

A competitive coding event was held as part of ROAD to DEVSOC in collaboration with the 4 VITs


This event was held to promote technical blogging among students and was organized as a part of Road to DEVSOC.


This event was a part of road to devsoc specially organised for designers to show there skills in a limited time event.Many designers participated from both VIT and other colleges.



The second iteration of our flagship event and one of VIT's most prestigious hackathons promises a weekend of intense coding, unlimited pizzas,coffee and goodies; for developers who have the gusto to brainstorm, zeal to code and stamina to last 48 hours in an intensely competitive atmosphere.

Cook Off 6.0

Cook Off is our flagship competitive coding event, where you can evaluate yourself with incremental difficulty of codes, and wide pallete of logical application.With zealous participants, 8-hours of rigorous coding and exciting rewards, this event outdid the expectations of both participants and organizers.

Flutter Bootcamp

A dream come true for most developers! Flutter allows developers to build both IOS and Android apps from the same code. Flutter Bootcamp, was an intuitive workshop through which participants were able to witness the magic of flutter while learning how to put it to great use.

Intro To AI

Intro to AI was a one day interactive hands-on workshop, where industry experts from the field of Artificial Intelligence gave the participants an insight into the skills and knowledge necessary to start their journey and how incredibly this vast field will inevitably change all industries in times to come.

Building WebApps

Building functional webapps was a two day interactive workshop, each day giving the participants insight into front-end development, back-end web development, deployment and introduction to frameworks like bootstrap and Node.

Tech Talks

CodeChef-VIT came up with a first of its kind virtual technical round table discussion, an event that brought in some of the best in the world of tech. Leading figures in the industry were interviewed, where they shared their stories, struggles and insights.



DEVSOC 2019 was the initial iteration of our flagship event and was arguably one of the biggest hackathons of our institute that saw over a thousand developers come together to showcase their technical prowess and set out to device solutions for various problems of our time.

Cook Off 5.0

Being the fifth iteration of our flagship event, we outdid ourselves by conducting an 8 hour long event attracting over 250 participants from all years across 4 different labs.With zealous participants, enthusiastic coordinators and exciting rewards, this event not only lived up to the expectations, but also outdid them.

Building WebApps

Building functional webapps was a two day interactive workshop, each day giving the participants insight into front and back-end web development and introduction to frameworks like bootstrap and flask. Being one of our biggest Gravitas events, it saw enthusiastic participation from freshers and seniors alike.


250+ VITians attended our inaugural event of the year, Insight, on 7th August.It centered around technical know-hows and served as an ice-breaker between freshers and seniors. The facilitator was our Technical Head, with board members chipping in as well.

Game Dev

This two day workshop gave its attendees hands on experience on how to design and develop their very own elementary games using unity and blender.The participants were first taught 3-D modelling and then the use of these 3-D models to build real life games and applications

Server Dev

Server Dev on the cloud was an 8 hour long event that aimed to edifythe audience on the ins and outs of cloud computing platforms. It was an enlightening workshop wherein students were taught all the fundamentals needed to get started with cloud based server development.